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Monday, October 23, 2006
  SnippetsEmu 0.6 Version 0.6 is coming 'real soon now'. It's been pushed out to the mailing list (if you want on then let me know) and will be posted on in the next couple of days.

What to look forward to?

Updated documentation
File type bundles
Bug fixes

This release will be put on bug fix mode and development will switch to the 1.0 branch which will only support the TextMate mode. The switch will allow things to be tightened up a bit and a couple of new features to be added.

Suggest your own suggestions for improvements on the bug tracker: 
Thursday, October 12, 2006
  Call for Snippets I'm gearing up for a 0.6 release to be swiftly followed by 1.0. I'm concentrating on bug fixes and bundle writing at the moment so this is the time to contribute your own time savers.

So step right up! Post your best snippet in the comments and I'll add them asap (with a credit unless you opt out). 
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
  Bad habits I've updated all the bundles to use the command 'Snippet' instead of 'Snip'. This was causing a conflict with the latex-suite plugin which defined a similar command. The Snip command has always been called Snippet but vim will let you use shortened versions and it'll try its best to match. Obviously latex-suite's Snip takes preference over Snippet and so users would get an E488 error.

Apologies for this if you've encountered this; it was purely me being lazy. 
Monday, October 09, 2006
  Vim Project Plugin

Not a SnippetsEmu related post but hopefully of use to some Vim users.

I use the Project plugin (get it here) to keep track of files that I'm editing. It's a great little plugin though is a bit flaky under Windows (there's some problems with the way it constructs paths which affects some of the nicer features such as greping and auto entry completion)

One thing I've just noticed, however, is that one can trip up when using the CD property. When set the current working directory can be changed when opening a file. I normally set this to be CD=. which will CD to the directory in which the file is located. The problem I've found, however, is that you can end up overwritting files when you split the view (as I did with snippetsEmu). My tip for avoiding this is to set the CD at a suitably high level. I've set mine at the root of each project. This allows files to be saved but stops the status line from getting too cluttered.

Hopefully someone finds this useful.

  Version 1.0 under development - Trust me

While this blog has been quite quiet recently rest assured that development is still happening. I've been working on the bundles to be included in the next version and also fixing bugs. Check out the issue tracker at Google Code.

I've also started a separate branch for what will become 1.0. This version will only support Textmate mode which will help simplify the codebase.

So stay tuned:


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