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Monday, October 23, 2006
  SnippetsEmu 0.6 Version 0.6 is coming 'real soon now'. It's been pushed out to the mailing list (if you want on then let me know) and will be posted on in the next couple of days.

What to look forward to?

Updated documentation
File type bundles
Bug fixes

This release will be put on bug fix mode and development will switch to the 1.0 branch which will only support the TextMate mode. The switch will allow things to be tightened up a bit and a couple of new features to be added.

Suggest your own suggestions for improvements on the bug tracker: 
Thanks Felix,
I'm now waiting till the 1.0 release :)
Hi Felix,
Just a question:
is it possible to "chain" Snippets ? i.e in a LaTeX file, a Snippet itemz+"Tab" will give this:


The cursor will be after "[]", and if you hit "Tab", then another item starts:


It'll be good for every list environment.
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