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Monday, September 11, 2006
  Calling Sven I got an email from Sven the other day but my mail bounced. I don't think his domain likes gmail.

In case he's reading this here's the reply that got rejected:

> Are there plugins known not to work with snippetsemu? According to :map none
> of my plugins map Tab, except for minibufexplorer, which maps and
> .

The only one I've heard of is the emacs emulation plugin. Make sure
you're using a version greater than 0.5.4 and that you've set
g:snip_set_textmate_cp = 1 in your vimrc with:

let g:snip_set_textmate_cp = 1

If you're still having trouble once you've restarted vim then drop me
a mail along with which version of the script you're using, what
version of Vim, what flavour of Linux and what other plugins you've
got and I'll have a go at bug hunting for you.
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
  Special Characters in Snippets. The latest subversion commit (revision 28) allows special characters to be used 
in snippet definitions. E.g. for LaTeX:

Snip $$ \[<{}>\]

will now work and typing $$<tab> will perform the expansion.

NOTE. This will only work with TextMate mode due to the way abbreviations work.
  Snippet Bundles I've started generating some snippets for various filetypes to include in upcoming releases. At the moment they're available in the subversion repository. They are untested at the moment so comments are welcome, as are contributions. 

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