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Monday, September 11, 2006
  Calling Sven I got an email from Sven the other day but my mail bounced. I don't think his domain likes gmail.

In case he's reading this here's the reply that got rejected:

> Are there plugins known not to work with snippetsemu? According to :map none
> of my plugins map Tab, except for minibufexplorer, which maps and
> .

The only one I've heard of is the emacs emulation plugin. Make sure
you're using a version greater than 0.5.4 and that you've set
g:snip_set_textmate_cp = 1 in your vimrc with:

let g:snip_set_textmate_cp = 1

If you're still having trouble once you've restarted vim then drop me
a mail along with which version of the script you're using, what
version of Vim, what flavour of Linux and what other plugins you've
got and I'll have a go at bug hunting for you.

Sven here. I got the tab to work, on windows, not in my debian linux, yet.
I also have the problem, that the cursor after writing the abbreviated text is put *before* the first tag.

I'll have to check that out. When I have time, I will try to bite my way through your plugin source code to find out, what happened.

Thanks alot
Hi Sven,

The problem with the cursor being put at the start is usually due to a mismatch between the tags used and the tags defined.

I've got the plugin working fine on Ubuntu and Debian with Vim 7.

If you're brave enough to look into the source code then check out the Jumper function first as this is called when Tab is hit. I may sprinkle some debugging statements through the code at some point.
Hi Felix,

the cursor problem due to mismatch can't be in my case, as I tried it with your examples.

My first attempt will be to clear out all other plugins and then, if snippetsEmu works (as I expect it to), I will add the other plugins again, one by one, to find out, if the problem is there...

Hi Sven,

Just to double check try doing the following:

Start Vim as normal.


:let g:snip_start_tag = '<'
:let g:snip_end_tag = '>'
:Iabbr test this is a test<>

and then type 'test' in insert mode and hit tab. This way we're sure that the tags being used are correct.

Otherwise type:

:let g:snip_start_tag
:let g:snip_end_tag

as this will let you see what the variables are currently set to.
OK, I am so blind!

I had in .vim/after/plugin my own abbr_so.vim, where I replaced <:> with {:}...

I feel so bad, that is simply ... what is the english word for schusselig?

According to leo it is "scatterbrained"? OK, I'll take that...

Thank you so very, very much!
I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Sven,

No problem. If nothing else it's highlighted the lack of good defaults and debugging in the current version. This is something I will be addressing in an upcoming version.
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