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Saturday, April 07, 2007
  Shiny Trunk For those of you tracking trunk I've just checked in some shiny new features. The Snippet command will now give you a list of snippets defined in a buffer (big, big props to Ori for this patch) and I've created two commands to help you create your own snippets.

Check out the docs for CreateSnippet and CreateBundleSnippet.

No excuse for not submitting your own snippets now :-)

Oh, and this does mean that 1.2 will be coming out sooner than I thought.
Friday, April 06, 2007
  Snippy 1.1 Released I've just posted version 1.1 on This is a big bug fix release which should have cleared up the majority of issues from the tracker. I've reverted the start and end tags to ASCII to avoid random unicode problems people were having; be sure to define your own tags in your vimrc if you want to change them.

The biggest change is that the plugin no longer assumes auto-indenting; or, more specifically, all snippets need to define their own indenting regardless of the setting. This was done as auto-indent decisions could be affected by the choice of start and end tags, as well as the tricks the plugin performs to position the cursor. I've updated some of the bundles but not all, so keep your eye on trunk for the latest updates or stay tuned to for the next release.

I've noticed some snippet bundles popping up around the web, so I'll see if I can gather those together as well. 

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