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Monday, February 25, 2008
  1.2.2 Spare time plus a working version of bzr-svn has meant that I've had a bit of time for bug fixing. 1.2.2 is therefore now on

One big change: the plugin is now separate from the bundles. At the moment they both live on the same page, as I don't think it's worth setting up a new page.

Get downloading!

P.S. Many thanks to everyone who's voted for the plugin. It's now sitting at number 24 out of 2149. Quite an achievement given what the first version looked like... 
snippetsEmu is the best vim plugin!
thanks for your work.

Thanks a lot man.
At least state on the project page that I'm supposed to download two files. I wasn't sure which file to get before I came here.
Extremely handy!
By the way, I noticed there's a more recent version on than the one you announced here. Would it be possible to announce new versions on your blog, such that I can subscribe on an RSS feed to stay up to date with your scripts? Thanks!
Just found snippets and it's the best thing I've found with vim in years. I wrote my own crappy version years ago. This puts my effort to shame. However what I don't like is having to edit nasty vim eval strings to modify my snippets.

I've made a a snippetsEmu extension so that you can place plain text bundle files in a directory and the trigger word is the file name. I like it and you can get it off github at


and thanks again for such a cool plugin.
Thanks for such as useful (very) vim's plugin.
great plugin!
i have a question: is it posible to delete characters before the snippet tag if the i skip the snippet?
for example:
i have TAB asigned for navigating through the snippets.
1) I load the django_model_snippets.vim
2) type in mchar[TAB] and the following appears: models.CharField(maxlength=<{50}><{}>)<{}>
3) if i press tab again it goes to models.CharField(maxlength=50)<{}>

my question is .. instead of resulting in step 3 is there any posibility of presing tab and the result to be: models.CharField() ?

Thanks in advanced !
There's no real way to do that; the best way would be to define a new snippet. I believe that the maxlength is included as it's required by Django. If that's not the case these days then can you file a bug on the tracker and I'll tweak the bundle.
hi, i would like to know how to turn on the snipetEmu automatically on every file i open ?

I create new snippets for GSP (groovy server pages) and I associate the gsp files with XHTML syntax. Everytime i want to use snippetEmu, i need to click on Menu -> Snippets-> gsp

any shortcut for that ?
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