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Sunday, September 30, 2007
  The Usual Suspect The usual problem has cropped up - line endings. A new version will be posted shortly. There also seems to be a problem with the version of Vimball which ships with the Windows version of Vim. Those viewing the file will have some nice folds to aid navigation around the file; unfortunately, under *nix the fold markers get added to the file name. Not very useful.

An interesting point made in the comments:
Your latest vimball has DOS line endings, and svn is still at the last version :(
The reason SVN is the last version is that bzr-svn was not able to push the latest changes up to Google Code. Now I'd like to point out that this is most likely my fault; I noticed that the author of bzr-svn linked to one of my posts about how the plugin didn't work under Windows. Just to clarify - this was due to my lack of effort more than anything else.

I've also enjoyed using bzr and so I'm considering moving to a bzr hosting environment. I'm going to investigate Launchpad but I'd welcome any other suggestions. 
Just to clarify - it was the version of vimball that shipped with Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty), not Windows, that was giving me the problem with the filenames.

I installed the latest version of vimball into ~/.vim and the filename problem was resolved.

Regarding project hosting, FWIW I rather like Google Code - it's clean, fast, and I don't have to create yet another account on yet another site to use it :)
>Regarding project hosting, FWIW I
>rather like Google Code - it's >clean, fast, and I don't have to
>create yet another account on yet
>another site to use it :)

True. I'll have to look into how to migrate from bzr to svn so I can keep my history.
Using SnippetsEmu with SuperTab these errors are shown:

Error detected while processing function <SNR>18_SetupSupertab..<SNR>18_GetSuperTabSNR:
line 7:
E684: list index out of range: -1
E116: Invalid arguments for function split(split(matchstr(funclist,'.SNR.\{-}SuperTab(command)'),'\n')[-1])[1]
E15: Invalid expression: split(split(matchstr(funclist,'.SNR.\{-}SuperTab(command)'),'\n')[-1])[1]
line 8:
E121: Undefined variable: func
E116: Invalid arguments for function matchlist(func, '\(.*\)S')[1]
E15: Invalid expression: matchlist(func, '\(.*\)S')[1]

Hi Tud. I can't seem to recreate the error. Could you post a bug report on the tracker?

Thanks for your great plugin :)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Link I posted an issue over at Google code can you give me a hand?
why are you using vimballs in the first place?
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