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Sunday, September 30, 2007
  1.2 just for you Well Blogjet turned out to be a waste of time - its Blogger support is broken, so I can only post new stuff. Given my posting habits that seems like a waste of money, so no upgrading for me.

Anyway - down to business. I've finally managed to release a new version of the plugin, so grab it form

There's a few new features - commands have autocomplete to help you browse the bundles. There are two new commands to help create new snippets and there's a load of bug fixes and bundle updates, so get downloading! 
Your latest vimball has DOS line endings, and svn is still at the last version :(

I was able to extract the vimball after converting it to UNIX, but then the files it generated all had '\t[[[1' at the end of the name, like:

python_snippets.vim [[[1
hmmm.. updating my vimball plugin solved the second problem, but the issue of DOS line endings remains.
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