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Friday, May 18, 2007
  Changes Afoot I've checked in some new changes. Hopefully these will result in a new version sometime soon.

There are a couple of changes which may cause some issues. Firstly, I've removed the 'local indent' requirement of the last version (1.1). It was implemented to solve some issues with indenting but I've found a different way to work around the problem.

Secondly, I've removed the use of 'iskeyword' for matching special characters in tags. This changes the contract slightly: special character triggers will require whitespace before them.

An example. In the Django templates the trigger '{{' will only be expanded if there is whitespace before it. Other characters which previously worked ('#', for example) will no longer do so.

So, get posting your bug reports and I'll try and get fixes into the next release. I'm using bazaar for revision control at the moment as I'm not the net much. As a result I'm thinking of moving to Launchpad rather than Google. If anyone's got any opinions then please let me know through the comments. 
Launchpad doesn't offer file hosting.

I think you already use's script hosting, so that shouldn't be a problem.
When I start vim (I use it with supertab):
Error detected while processing /home/tud/.vimrc:
line 39:
E474: Invalid argument: listchars=tab:»·,trail:·
Error detected while processing function < SNR >15_SetupSupertab..< SNR >15_GetSuperTabSNR:
line 7:
E684: list index out of range: -1
E116: Invalid arguments for function split(split(matchstr(funclist,'.SNR.\{-}SuperTab(command)'),'\n')[-1])[1]
E15: Invalid expression: split(split(matchstr(funclist,'.SNR.\{-}SuperTab(command)'),'\n')[-1])[1]
line 8:
E121: Undefined variable: func
E116: Invalid arguments for function matchlist(func, '\(.*\)S')[1]
E15: Invalid expression: matchlist(func, '\(.*\)S')[1]
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