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Thursday, December 28, 2006
  1.0 On I've Vimballed it up, turned off debug and actually provided some install details.

Download it, give it a whirl and make sure you rate it if you like it. Let's try and get his baby into the top 50!

Comments and bug reports to the usual address. 
It seems to work fine, well done !
Good job Felix, thanks for this release.

Let's hope 2007 will bring some great stuff for snippetsEmu :)
Thank you! that's a very useful plugin.
But i've had some troubles sourcing the vba because of the ^M at some lines ends.
I'm unising liux, and i've had to do this:

:set ff=unix

to make it work
linux i meant, sorry for the typo :)
Hi Wise. Got that sorted. 1.0.1 is now on Should have remembered that one from the 0.6 release.
Thank you!
Keep up the good work!
Hi Vimers,

I know it is not the place for that, but I use Felix's Snippet Emu for long time now and translated some doc for it in French (h**p://

I've made a little color file for Vim, based on DarkTango scheme especially for Python editing. You can find it here :
with a screenshot too.

"main" snippet:
line 47: a '>' is missing before '}'.

Thanks a lot for your work ;)
Good spot Paul. I've updated this in trunk and it'll get committed when I get the chance.
Felix, I think there's some mistake about some snippets. Can you take a look about my last post snippetsEmu-users forum.

This comment has been removed by the author.
hi vimmers!

i've found this vim-script today and i'm simply blown away - what an enhancement to vim!

now, i've one question/wish that would made this script simply unbeatable:

how can i map functions and their parameters, in my case the standard php-functions, in an easy way?

echo{TAB} would produce => echo( «»string output«» )«»
somephp_func{TAB} => somephp_func( «»int param1«», «»string param2«» )

can this be achieved? when yes, how?
Maybe someone give me a tip :-)

Sorry if I missed something but I need the abreviations for some tags :

TAB --> insert a tab
BS --> a backspace

Where can I find all those abbreviations ?
The expansions are somewhere in the help system. I cannot remember exactly where, however. For some characters you can get an answer by using <C-v><your_char_here>. In some cases Vim will insert the <BS> equivalent.
Thanks Felix,
another one : each time I'm starting Vim, I've got a little window saying:

WildMenu xxx term=standout ctermfg=0 ctermbg=14 guifg=Black

Started the plugin

Set variables

Adding C:/Program Files/vim/vimfiles/after/ftplugin/html_snippets.vim definitions to ...

How can I get rid of it on startup ?
little problem with the php "req" snippet. the 'file' option only selects 'fil' so it gets way confused...
Hi, thanks a lot for your excellent vim plugin.

Is there anywhere I can get cheatsheets for the abbreviations? I've made one for Ruby and Rails; can I post it somewhere?

Thanks again,
Felix, are you still alive here ?
Why not using textmate`s snippet file format directly?
class MyClass
TABdef MyMethod



Why tabs dosen't work right?
TAB means two spaces. As you can see my def method tab stays but it dosen't add any other tabs. Why?
I wrote a cpan module for generating snippets template script.

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