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Sunday, November 26, 2006
  0.6 on 0.6 is now actually on You can get it in the usual place: 

This contains a couple of bug fixes and changes that won't be in any secret versions of 0.6 that are knocking about so grab a copy.

Bug reports to the usual places
Hi, you really made a great tool :)

I tried to install snippetsEmu0.6.vba under linux but vim complains about some trailing ^M characters. Also :set fileformat=unix and saving the vba file before doing :so % helped.


I've uploaded 0.6.1 which has unix line endings.

The joy of developing on a Windows machine

Hi, how about skiping to the markers with select mode, so that they are automatically removed when I start typing?
Hi Kyku,

Visual mode tag highlighting is one thing that has been suggested in the past.

Seeing as there have been a number of people asking for this I will look into implementing it in the 1.0 release.
nice, thanks in advance
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