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Monday, July 17, 2006
  Ideas for new features I've been gathering together a collection of possible new features and changes which I'll post here for others to add to in the comments. Please let me know what you thing of the new ideas as well.

I'm also considering making the TextMate mode the default choice. Thoughts on that as well please.

Tag highlighting is a killer, its the only thing that stops me from moving from imaps.vim currently :)

You know my opinion for TextMate being the only/default mode too.

As from the previous post I don't think <{ }> will pose any problems to be set up as default.

I say put them as default, so we can make sure, slippery snippet users will be able to 'trade' their snippets.

After that we can settle on defining some basing snippets that'll be useful to all users.
I think that once a default is settled on then Vim users should be able to come up with some way of replacing the tags to match their settings.

Current roadmap:

Bug fixes
vim 6.4 compatibility
tag highlighting

even though I can't think of a reason we should be using other tags instead of <{ }> if it satisfies every available language :)

Looking forward to the next release Felix, don't let me down!
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